Sunday, September 7, 2014

feeling fallish...

September is my favorite month.

I love the late summer feeling, with hot and sunny afternoons, and a cool breeze coming in the windows at night.

I celebrated my birthday on September second, the day my girls headed back to school. It was bittersweet...Emily is now in grade 12...
...and Julianna, grade 10.
I'm excited for them to see what the year will bring, but I can't help wondering how they got so old? And so TALL?
And then there's me... that birthday, remember?
At least it brought some lovely coffee dates, complete with pumpkin everything from Starbucks. Maybe birthdays aren't so bad after all!
I've started to feel the nudge to get back into a sewing routine, especially since I'm starting to plan my annual Christmas open house.
I have lots of this and that started.
It's always overwhelming, but I'll make it, I'm sure.
I always seem to.
I'm accepting prayers on the matter though, just in case.

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