Monday, May 19, 2014

May long weekend...

We've had a crazy busy weekend, and am so happy that it's a long one!

Saturday morning brought my first vendor event as a Jamberry consultant. Not many people came through, but it was an excellent chance to give my set up its first try. I was really happy with how it came together!

We headed out to Cloverdale to visit a friend's new shop, The Irish Clover, and then off to south Surrey to catch a soccer game. Then it was out to White Rock for friends, fish & chips for a crowd, and our first beach boardwalk walk of the season. Oh, how I can't wait for summer!

Sunday morning (our 18th anniversary)...

 ...we drove out to Vancouver as I had a Jamberry party in the city. Robyn and Julianna wandered Stanley Park while I was partying (Emily is away camping with friends). The in-house cat, Finnegan, and I became fast friends!
THEN, it was back to Langley for dinner... and browsing a Jamberry catalogue... Haha!
Building great memories... there's nothing better!


Primitive Stars said...

Happy Victoria Day, lovely long weekend, beautiful scenery....Happy Anniversary, Francine.

Little Penpen said...

Happy Anniversary! If I was a young chick, I would be all over the Jamberry stuff!!