Saturday, April 12, 2014

last week...

...Emily went to Washington DC for a long anticipated band trip. It was her first flight that she will remember. It was time spent with the best of friends. It was gold medal band performances. It was entirely paid for by her (thank goodness for last summer's job!) And it was memories to last a lifetime.

So good to have her home safe and sound!
And last week we took a little hike with some great family friends. It felt great to get out and stretch our legs a little, and even greater that they didn't feel it the next day!

And the volleyball in the river... totally inevitable!


Sigi G said...

Kim - is that Bridal Falls? My husband is from Chilliwack BC and we lived there for the first 2 years of our marriage. Somehow those falls look familiar. We loved to hike there - your pics bring back memories. Sounds like your daughter had a wonderful time on her trip!

Little Penpen said...

Beautiful photo's. I love Emily's suitcase.. too cool!