Sunday, December 15, 2013

a true maid of honor...

Friday was the day that our family and friends gathered to celebrate the life of my dear grandma, my "Deeda", Mildred Hall.

There were flowers, and tears.
There were songs, and laughter.
There was a special cardinal placed among the carnations for a special woman who loved them dearly.
I had the honor of participating as one of the pallbearers. My sister spoke a tribute, my uncle reminisced, and I wrote a poem to share my memories...

"Our Grandma was an angel that God gave us to love
She lived for 98 long years and now is home above.
My memories of this dear soul are running through my heart
To write them in a few short lines... I don't know where to start.
I think about a music box that played "Somewhere My Love"
And know that she's now dancing with her someone up above
And then there was cuckoo clock that cuckooed on the hour
With that great clock in Grandma's house, you never could be sour.
I think of Maids of Honor tarts she always made with pride
And the many "Kiss Me" birthday cakes with money baked inside
Her skill at the piano was a gift she lived to share
In church and in the nursing home, she brought such smiles there.
A game of Scrabble, fought to win, she never would deny
To any who would challenge her - they only had to try.
The cardinal was her favorite bird... see one in the tree?
I have no doube that shes's now enjoying God's menagerie!
Coquitlam, Hope, and Abbotsford... her homes that I remember
Especially at Christmas time, with lights up each December.
Our Grandma's love for family put everything to shame
And now that she is with her Lord, we'll never be the same.
But we can rest in peace because she prayed for us each day
That God would touch us where we are and help us on our way.
It's now December, winter's here, it's time to say goodbye
But Grandma is in Heaven, so we'll smile while we cry."

As we prepared for the day, I baked Maids of Honor tarts to share since they hold a very special place in my heart when I think of my grandmother.
I relyed on childhood memories as I iced and added coconut and walnuts... and was so pleased that they looked just like I remember!
And at the very end of it all, we sang a very untraditional song for a memorial service... "I'll Be Home For Christmas"... because we know that she is indeed home.


Sandy D said...

A Beautiful Tribute for your Grandma.

Impera Magna said...

Your dear grandmother is indeed "home for Christmas"... my deepest sympathy for your loss!

Susannah said...

Your precious Grandma is now with God. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. The service sounds so wonderful. Your poem came from the heart and had so much meaning. Beautiful, Kim...just Beautiful! Blessings to you and your family!


sewyouquilt2 said...

so sorry for your loss. what a wonderful tribute to her. she is looking down smiling for sure.
God Bless.