Monday, November 4, 2013

the in between season...

Early November already. To me, this is such an odd time of year. Halloween is behind us and, being Canadian, we've already celebrated Thanksgiving. My house is in transition. There are pumpkins decorating my living room, but my sewing room is all about Christmas. Kind of like these little quilt blocks, in strong colors of red and white, there are two distinct seasons in our midst.
Today I got confirmation that I'll be participating in three more markets before Christmas. Kind of like these little quilt blocks, my head is spinning.
Volleyball has wrapped up for the year. Marching band is starting to take off. My husband is working long hours to provide for us. I spend every free minute in my sewing room but don't always feel like I'm making headway. My floors need sweeping and the bed doesn't always get made in the morning. Some parts of our day to day life are quiet, and some parts are loud. Kind of like this close-up, it kind of feels a little scattered around here at times, since I can't always see the whole picture at once.
This in between season is one of my favorite times of the year. Christmas is coming. It will be here before we know it. I'm praying for peace and clarity as I try to meet the commitments that I've committed to. Kind of like this completed quilt top, the challenge for me will be to fit everything neatly into its place in time. Thank goodness for the in between season.


Georgi said...

Absolutely gorgeous!! I love pinwheels, so I definitely want to try this myself. :) Thanks for the inspiration!!

Friendship Crossing said...

I have always loved a red/white color scheme!! LOVE your darling new quilt!! I think I have that exact same pattern, but now I'm inspired to actually use it! LOL


Heather D. said...

Really nice Kimberly!