Monday, November 25, 2013

canvas quotes...

I've blogged recently about Julianna's sock monkeys, and now it's Emily's turn!

For a few years now, Emily has been collecting quotes... as in she has a notebook full of them, a wall covered in them, and is constantly on the hunt for more. She writes them out in fancy hand drawn fonts and they're very beautiful.

One day, Emily turned a hand drawn quote into a wonderful piece of art. ("Here Comes the Sun")
Then she made another, and another...("The Earth Without Art is Just 'Eh"... we saw this one in a magazine... and "We Are the Makers of Music and the Dreamers of Dreams" - Willy Wonka)
Soon she was making for friends' birthdays... this is the only one I have a picture of and it wasn't on the canvas yet... ("You are Beautiful and You Have to Believe it")
And this was a custom quote she made for a friend of ours and delivered this past weekend... ("I'd Like to Teach the World to Sing")
She's almost finished a second custom canvas that will be shipped to its new home in a few days, just in time for Christmas.

What would you have stitched if you could? Because, you know, Emily would love to create it for you!


Sigrid Golnik said...

One of my favorite is "Sing as though no one can hear you".
Tell your daughter to keep up the wonderful Art!!

Karen said...

What's next? Your cats are secretly painters?