Monday, September 2, 2013

38 years, 38 things...

Today I am 38 years old, and I've been thinking that a gratitude post is in order... filled with everything that's important in my life, today, 38 years in.
1. Family. 6 letters, big, big meaning in my life.
2. God. Less letters, yet an even bigger meaning.
3. My amazing husband.
4. My amazing daughters.
5. Coffee, preferably sweet.
6. My Kenmore sewing machines.
7. My husband's parents for starting me on my sewing journey by giving my my first Kenmore sewing machine.
8. My mom for making it possible that a new Kenmore machine replaced my old one.
9. Day trips.
10. BBQ anything.
11. Jeans that are long enough for my long legs.
12. Shoes that are big enough for my big...well, you get the idea.
13. Music.
14. Loud music.
15. Music created by my dad.
16. Christmas.
17. Quilting for Christmas.
18. Tole painting.
19. Tole painting for Christmas.
20. Being Canadian.
21. Watermelon.
22. Champa oil.
23. Going to the beach.
24. Hearing my daughter practice her flute.
25. Being a volleyball mom.
26. Fresh cappuccino muffins.
27. Flowers.
28. Java, our old-ish cat.
29. English, our kitten-ish cat.
30. The Lord of the Rings.
31. Beautiful BC.
32. Starbucks and Timmy's.
33. My Tuesday time out.
34. A great leather purse.
35. Etsy. I love etsy.
36. Having my girls attend a Christian school.
37. Knowing that it's important to their grandparents that my girls attend a Christian school.
38. Today. And every other today.


Primitive Stars said...

Happy Belated Birthday, you are just a wee one yet though.....Loved reading our list, many I agree with, Blessings Francine.

Margaret said...

Happy birthday! Your life is overflowing with wonderful gifts ! Maggie

Heather D. said...

Happy Birthday Kimberly! What a lovely list of things to be thankful for.

Kelley @ said...

Happy birthday! And YES to sweet coffee!!

Little Penpen said...

Happy Birthday and a happy life!! :))