Friday, August 23, 2013

miss(ing) Maddie...

There is a family who we've really gotten to know over the past few months. We've actually known them for years, but the past few months have really brought us closer together.

Maddie is the daughter in this family.
She graduated from highschool in June and will be leaving on Sunday for a new adventure with a new family.

Maddie is heading to Haiti, to work with a family who is associated with Olive Tree Projects. When she leaves, her suitcase, as well as her heart, will be filled with love... a friend from our church has done an amazing job of sewing 50 pillowcase dresses, and 50 pairs of shorts to bless the children in the community where Maddie will be living. Click here to see the work Sandra is doing through Sew Precious. This is Maddie and Sandra and the beautiful clothes to be gifted...
Maddie loves her family. She loves her Lord. And she loves others. This year she started a Bible study for fellow high school students that blossomed and grew into something amazing that really touched the life of one of my daughters. And in doing that, Maddie really touched my life.

Tonight, a few families gathered to say goodbye to our friend Maddie... to pray for her and send her off on this adventure with our love. My girls will miss her a lot. She is very much like an older sister to them.
Maddie's mother and two brothers will also miss her. (While you're praying for Maddie, please think of her family at home in Canada at the same time. I know it will be hard to be without her. )

For a while I thought that Maddie must be really brave to make this trip and do this job.
But then I remembered that God is going with her.
So really, Maddie doesn't have to be brave at all.
Maddie just has to... be.

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Mary said...

Beautiful and soooo true, God will take care of her...Hugs, Mary