Monday, July 8, 2013

winner... winner...

Thanks to all who entered my "I'm thankful that the chores are being done even though I'm not the one doing them" apron giveaway! It was fun reading about the chores that you don't like to do... it's amazing all the things we have in common even though we've never met face to face!

The winner of my apron is...  Francine of Primitive Stars! Congratulations, Francine! I hope you have someone special in mind to share your new apron with while they help you with the laundry!

And thanks for all your well wishes... after spending yesterday at the beach, I'm happy to say that all the R&R has worked its magic and I'm feeling much better. I'll be back in the blogging groove soon... hopefully with a little show and tell to share!

1 comment:

Primitive Stars said...

Yay!!!!!! Love being a winner, such a sweet apron, thanks for a fun giveaway......Glad to hear your feeling better, Francine.