Sunday, May 5, 2013

sweet six {16} teen...

...Cinco de Mayo style!

It was a surprise party that went off without a hitch.

16 high school amigos and amigas in total.
10 assorted family members and hombres, including 1 set of grandparents who traveled 12 hours to be here.

14 borrowed Mexican blankets.
1 borrowed back yard, complete with 1 pond to avoid falling in.
5 regular sized sombreros, 1 mini sized sombrero and about 30 sombrero cookies.

Homemade Fiesta soup, tacos... lots of tacos, and 20 individual cups of layered dip.
Rainbow jello shooters.
"Feliz Camplianos" cupcakes and drink straws.

1 Pinata... of course.
(he didn't stand a chance once she got into the swing of things!)
Colorful bunting, balloons and streamers... and 30 degrees in the shade (thank you Lord for sharing your sunshine!)
Make a maraca.
Do the Macarena.
Choose a mustache, lips, or cactus...
Take a picture in the photo booth...
And then share it with the world.
We love you, Emily, and we hope you has a blast last night! Happy sweet 16 to the sweetest 16 year old we know!


Susannah said...

Happy Birthday, Emily,. That's a great birthday party with all the Mexican trimmings. I don't think a thing was forgotten! May you have a wonderful, happy year!


Valerie the Pumpkin Patch Quilter said...

Awww what a good Mommy you are! That is a GREAT sweet 16 and I bet it's all the kiddos talk about today at school. Great job! :) Happy belated birthday to YOUR Cinco de Mayo baby too!! ;)