Thursday, February 7, 2013


February is flying by but I'm happy to say that I've been very busy in my sewing room. I added three blocks to my scrappy trip quilt (mostly to clear a little space on my work table so I could start another project!). My design wall is now full but it's such a cheerful addition to my space. (See that blindingly beautiful light on the lower right corner... yep, that's SUNSHINE and it's welcome anytime!)
I cut and pieced all twelve blocks for a third birdie stitches quilt. Today I plan on sashing and adding the first border. The fabric for the outer border is on its way to me in the mail, so by the time it gets here I hope to have all the pictures transferred and ready to stitch.
I finished the last bit of applique on my village sampler and now have plans to switch the borders up a bit. But since my sewing table is full of birdie blocks, maybe it'll have to wait a day.
And in keeping with the title of my post, I want to share the awesome talent of my daughter Julianna. This was a piece of scratch art she did for art class... gorgeous, yes?
And now it's time to get back at it... before today flies by!


Susannah said...

Hello Kimberly, Your daughter, Julianna, has a wonderful talent...that is a gorgeous piece....such detail. I love it.

Talk about talent... I love the things you are showing today. I love the scrap quilt ...that would brighten up any room and I am anxious to see your other work of art, too.

You always have something beautiful that you are working on. I used to piece and quilt. But...I am going to see a hand specialist next Wednesday. I have a trigger thumb and starting to get some stiff fingers but we will see. That is why I am always here seeing what you are doing. Your blog makes me feel many pretty things.


justsewaudrey said...

Love your scrappy quilt! So bright and happy!

Kristin said...

You are amazingly accomplished in your quilting, my friend! Love the traveling squares (so cheery) and the purple tones in your new birdie quilt! And the prims... love! You inspire me!

And Juliana's art... blows my mind.

Susan Being Snippy said...

all the "many trips around the world" quilts on the internet are each so different! I love the way yours has turned out! I am still stuck on the design and have now started a second one!