Saturday, October 27, 2012

I'm all cheered out...

Back to back to back days of volleyball have kept this momma quite busy this week... so busy that I've not had time for ANY sewing! On Thursday, Julianna had an after school game, and thankfully it was a home game for a change. (There's been a fair bit of driving to-and-from lately!) Then on Friday, her dad came along for part one of a two day tournament in Richmond. Intense playing, great competition, long day... but our girls did amazing and we ended on top of the heap. Today, I drove out with Julianna and stayed to watch the fun. By the end of it, my nerves were shot, my voice was on its way out, and I was a bundle of nerves. But all my cheering must have paid off... the MEI girls' grade 8 team won first place in the Christian schools tournament. Whew. It's a good thing I was there.

And now, life - and sewing -  can begin again. That is, until next weekend... the girls have been asked to participate in a grade 9/10 tournament. Yep, they're THAT good. (Who me... proud? Oh, not much!)

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Heather D. said...

Well good for them! That's awesome.

By the way, I had my first etsy sale today! YAY!!