Wednesday, September 26, 2012

let's go shopping!

On Sunday afternoon, my husband and I stopped in at a new shop in town, Spruce Collective. It is one of those new shops that everyone is buzzing about and you just have to see it to understand. Well, since many of you don't live close enough for an in-person visit, I thought I'd share a little eye candy for you to enjoy.

Once you see the sign out front...'ll need to remind yourself...
...but to take your time to take it all in. And there is a lot to take in...
My purchase of the day? The "penmanship" poster, since my own handwriting is often illegible even to myself. (Did I just type that out loud?) Maybe this will prompt me to practice a little.
So there you have it, Spruce Collective in a nutshell. Or rather, make that - Spruce Collective in an apothecary jar.
Talk to you soon!

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Cindy Sharp said...

Looks like someplace I'd like to visit. Thanks for sharing.