Sunday, May 6, 2012

fif {15} teen...

Emily decided this year that a party with her best "gnomies" would be fun... and fun it was!

The gang played badminton, we threw burgers and dogs on the bbq, they raced on the wii, and finished the evening with presents and s'mores on the fire. They were a great group of kids, all from her band class at school. But the highlight of the night was watching Emily help them all make garden gnome cupcakes. It was a riot and they all did an awesome job! 
Happy Birthday, Em! 15 looks great on you!


Impera_Magna said...

Happy 15th birthday, Emily! Those are THE coolest gnome cupcakes ever!!!

Happy BIRTHday, mom!

Shakey Stitches said...

They are the cutest cupcakes EVER! What are the hats make of?

Andy said...

A super dupe Happy Birthday Em! The cupcakes are AMAZING! I think you need your own bakery:)
We're glad you had a special day surrounded by your 'gnomes'!