Monday, May 28, 2012


I've sewed quite a bit in the past few weeks. Whenever there's a market on my horizon, that's what I do. And with Scout being the 'big one' this month, I worked especially hard.

It was a great event and I was very blessed to have a spot to call my own. It was a tight spot on a busy corner, but you know the saying... "If you build it, they will come". And come they did. More than a thousand of them. I'm still recovering a little, and my house is still a mess. So I've taken that mess and made it a work in progress... I promised myself that all the wallets, clutches, and purses would not be put away until they were photographed and listed in my etsy shop.

I'm still plugging away at it, but am happy to say that there are 75+ handmade {and really, really functional} pieces  to choose from. And there are more coming, because I still can't find my living room.

And since I really, really would like a little extra space in my sewing room, I've added a HALF OFF section to the shop. Get 'em while you can!

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Valerie said...

Haha, hey I did that too!!! Offer half off. ;) Is it something about summer? I need to move some things out to make room for new as well. Can't wait to see all you are working on. :)