Friday, April 20, 2012

bought your Keyka Lou patterns yet?

You know the saying... "Make hay while the sun shines"... well here's another one for you... "Make purses while the patterns are on sale". Not too catchy? Sorry, it's a busy morning around here and I haven't had my coffee yet. But seriously, Keyka Lou is having a pattern sale and if you've never sewed a purse before, that makes it the best time to try your hand at a little something new. I posted a few days ago with several links to some more fabulous Keyka Lou patterns... click here to have a closer peek... there are lots of pictures in that post for inspiration! Every pattern of Michelle's that I've tried - and there have been quite a few - has been fantastic and easy to follow. That's why I keep buying more!

Anyway, here's my latest little something new... I bought the surf themed fabric at a sample sale and there was juuussst enough for the shell of this cross body bag. I love how it turned out!
(Actually it's Emily's latest little something new since I couldn't stand the begging and I prefer that she has a cross body bag for when she goes to the mall. I snapped this picture on her music stand... just be thankful that it's all you are seeing of her bedroom!)

Maybe today I should make another little something new and then actually keep it for myself?

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