Monday, March 26, 2012

Happy 65th, Poppa!

Today is my Dad's birthday
And just to celebrate,
I thought I'd write a little poem
Because I think he's great.

The songs he's sang throughout his life
Mean more than words to me,
To hear him sing about God's love
Is such a legacy.

His special Grandgirls baked a cake
And iced a little boat,
Then made a pond with ducks and weeds
And there they let him float
Retirement looks good on him and Nanny both together
As each new day brings brand new things
Whatever type of weather

We love you, Poppa, very much
And know God treats you fine,
So here's to 65 more years
Of snag-free fishing line.


Carmen at Old House Kitchen said...

Aw that's sweet! Happy Birthday to your Daddy!

Anonymous said...

That is a tear jerker Kim. What can I say? I have a beautiful wife, two wonderful daughters, two fantastic granddaughters that are growing up too fast and a son-in-law that is a great guy.
I am truly blessed. Thankyou.

Magical Mystical MiMi said...

That was awesome! Happy Birthday to him!!!