Friday, December 2, 2011

...and here she is...

I've called her my "Birdies Through the Year Redwork Quilt" and she makes me smile!

Here are alll the blocks (in case you missed them in month's past...)

This quilt was inspired by the very talented Corey of Little Miss Shabby fame.
I do love this quilt. Seeing it finally finished makes me want to bite the bullet and just finish my second, brighter, version off. Soon. Let's get through Christmas first!
*Click here if you'd like a little more info about this quilt*

A huge thank you to Marianne for your wonderfully beautiful longarm quilting... thank you! This quilt would not be nearly as lovely without your touch! I made you a little prezzie to thank you again... here's a little peek... hopefully we can connect soon!


Heather D. said...

Kimberly, it is just beautiful. I you ever keep anything that you make? ;-) Seriously though, just lovely and I love the combo of quilting and embroidery.

Carmen at Old House Kitchen said...

So pretty! And lovely with the Ruby fabric!! Where do you buy your Moda fabric from?

Jane's Fabrics and Quilts said...

As a have said before, I am in LOVE with your quilt!!! Just beautiful!

Wonky Girl said...

Turned out wonderful! Love the stitchery and patchwork together.
Colors are great too. This one should be a keeper.

Marianne said...

Welcome. Love the Quilt Shoppe sign you gave me. Your quilt was a pleasure to quilt.