Monday, August 22, 2011

tonight, dinner was on the house!

Tonight, we took Midori, our Japanese student, out for dinner at our favorite family restaurant, Red Robins. We thought it would make for a fun evening, and boy, did it ever! The girls all ordered milkshakes, Robyn had a float, and I ordered a favorite... freckled lemonade, which is made with fresh strawberry slices floating in it. Well, after the drinks arrived and the food was ordered, I took a sip and set my glass back on the table. It was a tall pedestal glass and when I set it down, the bottom crumbled and the whole thing ended in my lap. It was so cold and so sudden that I think I was in shock! Remember the strawberry slices I mentioned? Well, they were now decorating my light colored linen capris. There was juice in my shirt and glass in my shoe. I hightailed it out of there pretty quick to run home, wash, and change (and to pop the clothes in the washer) and made it back to the restaurant in 10 minutes flat! Normally it's about 10 minutes just to drive there but, um, let's just say that traffic was light. All's well that ended well... I got the stains out of my clothes and my entire meal - including my replacement freckled lemonade - for free. And Midori got a story to take home to Japan. Win-win, right?


Cat Nap Inn Primitives said...

wow that was fast and I love their food..glad they made it right for you..I love freckled its just called strawberry lemonade..I know how original.;)what did you all have for dinner?

Pen Pen said...

ha ha... what an ordeal! If your girls are anything like my daughter, they laughed until they cried! right??