Tuesday, May 10, 2011

what makes YOU jump higher?

I'm fighting a bit of a cold right now. Mostly a pesky sore throat and the start of a little cough... enough to just be a bother. Enough that when yesterday was cloudy and coolish and I had promised to watch Julianna at her track meet, I didn't really want to go. I've seen her run before. I know that with her long legs, she's good at high jumping. And it was cloudy and coolish and then there was that pesky sore throat... I'm sure you've been there, when staying home would have been the more comfortable thing to do. The more selfish thing. But Julianna is 12 years old right now. It's been a long school year for her (at least in my eyes)... she was new to her middle school and had a rough start, not knowing anyone at all. Academically, she's probably at the top of her class. But friends-wise, it's been a little harder. A little slower. So as a mother, I was blessed beyond measure yesterday while sitting in the bleachers, cheering her on with my pesky sore throat through the cloudy and coolish day. Another mother told me how loved Julianna is in her class and how valued she is as a friend and as a defender of the underdog. How she makes people smile by being who she is. So even though I couldn't cheer her into first place in her solo running races, or help her to jump higher over the bar, I was able to lift her spirits with words of love from an unexpected source. My throat's a little more sore today, and it's still cloudy and coolish outside. Julianna has a few more sporting ribbons (in the end, one was a first) to add to her collection. But she now knows that she's loved by people she might not have thought loved her. And that means more than anything at all. What else could make you run faster and jump higher in life?


Impera_Magna said...

Oh how wonderful... and such a compliment to your DD and to her mom who is rearing her right! WTG Julianna!

Feel better soon!

Anonymous said...

Julianna..we have good talks, eh..
Love ya lots.

Me and My Stitches said...

Nothing beats hearing those things. Middle school is tough - especially for girls. Those were definitely the worst years for my DD

Andrea Hildebrandt said...

Congrats Julianna, not only on your sports but for the beautiful girl you are, inside and out!