Friday, May 27, 2011

adorable bunting tutorial...

Well, it's adorable in my opinion!

I sat down thinking I'd really like to try creating a flag garland and thankfully decided to take pictures as I went along... because now I can share the how-to with you! Here we go...

From your bulging scrap bin, select 11 prints that work well together. My photo shows 12 rectangles, but I ended up using only 11. Iron 'em up and cut into rectangles that measure 4" x 6". Also cut 11 rectangles from felt to measure 5" x 7".

Now you'll cut your flag triangles. Cut from one of the short sides to the centre of the other short side. For this step, you can use pinking shears, or if you're like me and happen to have a handy dandy scapllop blade for your rotary cutter (I have no idea where it came from, so don't ask!) you can use that. If you do use a funky rotary blade, look at my pictures before you cut... you'll want to cut the angles of your triangle from opposite sides so the scallops face the same direction and not like in your cut off piece. Make sense? Good! Now do the same for your felt pieces.

Layer a print flag on top of a felt flag, matching top edges. Lay all 11 flags out so you're happy with their placement. Sorry I missed a pic for this step... must have been getting excited to see it coming together at this point!

Starting in the centre of a piece of bias tape, tuck your centre flag in place and pin. My strip was 9' long because that's what came in the package... in the end I did really love having the legnth to work with. Move either to the left or the right, adding your flags in order and pinning in place. Finish with the other side. Start at one end of the tape and topstitch a narrow seam. I used my walking foot to help keep things from shifting. Sew all the way to the other end and you're done!

Thanks for the visit and be sure to share if you try out my little tutorial!


  1. Cute! I love the way it turned out, and the fabric you used. I really need to make a few more!

  2. that looks so cute! I will have to make one.


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