Saturday, March 27, 2010

etsy help needed!

Ok, so I'm wishing I didn't have to ask you all for help with this one... so pretend I'm not doing it and act all surprised when I officially announce my new etsy shop in a couple of days... ok? Thanks!

So here's my question... does anyone know how to provide an official link to etsy on my sidebar? I've tried a couple of routes and they just ended up looking not so good. I think I really need to be walked through this! I've seen them where there are individual links to sale items and would love to have the how to.

Thanks a bunch and remember... act surprised!

*Edited to add... Problem solved! Thanks so much Connie for your help... it was exactly what I was looking for! And if anyone has the same question I had, the answer is in my comments section.


Cat Nap Inn Primitives said...

I need to know that one too..I just opened mine up the other day as well..welcome to the land of Etsy..when you find out how to do it will you let me know.:)

Connie said...

Hello from ON Kimberly :) To add an etsy widget to your sidebar, just log into youretsy then in the menu on the left hand side find Promote. Under that is an item called Etsy Mini. Just follow the instructions and paste it in your blogger sidebar in a new HTML/JavaScript Add a Gadget. If you have any questions email me


Hey Kim:
Did you get the Etsy widget on your blog or website? I followed Connie's info and it is so simple ... even I got it on my blog the first time.. so you can do it... I know you can..
and thanks to Connie for sharing..