Saturday, January 2, 2010

the gift of self...

The other day, a girlfriend and I met for a post-Christmas coffee at Starbucks. She and I are fairly new friends but I see something lasting in our future. I'm really enjoying the getting-to-know each other stage. It's great to know someone who faces trials just like you and even though our lives and situations are very different, we can relate to each other in our own way, and offer encouragement. And that's what friendship is all about.

During coffee, we exchanged belated Christmas gifts... me giving her a flannel table topper that I saw her admiring at my Open House, and her giving me a leather journal that turned out to be much more than a journal. When she gave it to me, she said the words "I'm giving you the gift of self."

Now, I'm a fairly busy person, but a lot of it is simply by my own decision. The crafting (I hate that word, but it is what it is!) and creating that takes a lot of my time is completely by my choice. Thankfully it helps to generate income for our family and since I am a SAHM, to me it's win-win. I'm doing what I love, and what we decided for our family. There are many others with more on their plates than I'll ever have. This friend of mine has twice the number of children than I have and that's what I'd call busy! So this 'gift of self' that she gave me really made me think. My time for myself is usually creating with full hands. That's what I truly love to do and as a result, I very rarely have empty hands. I've often been encouraged to just stop and take a break, but I know that if I did, I'd feel something was missing. So honestly, I don't really need the 'gift of self'. My time is filled with my family, friends, and creating... all things that bring me a lot of joy.

So this journal has been on my mind, especially now that it's a brand new year... a time for new beginnings. If you were me and realized that you don't actually need the 'gift of self', what would you write in this book?


Shorty said...

Perhaps you could give it a try, and see if you do have any self-discoveries. If not, tuck it away and I'm sure you'll find someone in the future who doesn't do much for themselves that could really learn from it.

I can relate to what you've said about the things you do that are your choice. I'm the same way. Sometimes I stress out if I'm late completely something but I'm still creating, and I love to create because it helps me to find time just for me. And creating makes me feel a bit like a kid. As an adult I'm constantly over-analyzing things, so feeling like a kid is just heavenly.

paulette said...

I was given a Journal many years ago and felt the same way that you do. So now I keep it in my purse. It has become my "ideas/lists/address/whatever" book. It is always there when I need it...I do little doodles in it when I see an idea I like or think of one of my own. Yesterday as I was stitching I ran out of a certain colour thread so added it in my Journal. I wrote all the fabric requirements in it for the next quilt that I am going to make. When my daughter got married I had pages of lists- it became my bible! I clutched it to my chest where ever I went! As I checked things off my list, I would I rip out the pages....I will ALWAYS have a journal in my purse...can't live without it!

Debbie said...

Maybe you could use it to write down the things you have done that day which made you happy or that you enjoyed???

Happy New Year!

Behind My Picket Fence said...

I love your January stitchery!

Sheila said...

I can relate to your feelings completely. I'm a busy work at home empty nester with a long list of things to do like everyone else and feel I don't have the time to write in a journal. I have kept a small notebook near me and write in it when I find a quote or web site I'd like to visit again. I just about write whatever I think I can't remember in it. It isn't always daily but there for me when I need it. It was a lovely thought and gift and you might find it rewarding to look back on it in a year's time and see what you were doing. Sometimes just a "one liner" can jog our overloaded memories and bring a smile when you may need it.
Good luck!
Really enjoy your blog.

Grammy Linda / Behind My Red Door said...

As I see it, you do need a gift of self and you already are fulfilling it. Who says your hands need to be empty when you are gifting yourself? Your creating comes from deep within yourself - from your core. It is the essence of you!! So how simply recoginizing that and writing about that. Something like " I am inspired to work with blues and browns lately." Stop long enough to let words form to explain your inspirations or what is calling you to create that day and journal that. Journaly has no rules. You make it what works best for you. And as a creative person, it can be about you create!

Did that help at all - did I even make any sense??

OleCrowsNestJournal_Nan said...

I would write down recipes, patterns for crafts, sketch ideas in it, a funny line I heard, a verse that inspired me. Mine would be more of a positive idea book. Have a great day and take care now!

marie said...

Maybe you could use it to write down bits of the self you already have each day. does that make sense?
I'm sure your girls would love to have something like that ~ a gift of you to give to them.

Jo-Anne said...

I try to keep a "gratitude journal". I write down the things that I am thankful for and when the hard times come along, I still try to find something to write about that I am thankful for. It has really opened my eyes to the workings of the Lord and helped me focus more on the positive than the negative.

~~Rhonda said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog. I read with interest about the journal you received and everyone's suggestions regarding how to use it. I'm thinking you should write in it those new year's resolutions you made and keep notes on how well you're doing with them. :) And you'll find new "resolutions" drifting to the surface every day, I'm sure! Write them down before they drift off. Even if you don't plan to implement them right away. It's interesting to look back after a year (or more) and read what you thought was important. Some won't be so important any longer, but many will. But, if you are like I am, if they aren't written down, they evaporate away. Have fun with the journal however you decide to use it! And Happy 2010! ~~Rhonda :)

VeeV said...

I'm curious, what is meant to be "gift of self"?

What should be a "gift of self"?

anyway.... a good book/journal... well it would get used for anything and everything... depending what was needed at the time.

I have the cutest recipe book collection in a bound book.... that i think was meant to be a journal..

xo you'll figure it out