Thursday, December 10, 2009

feeling nostalgic...

Once again, it almost feels like Christmas is rushing past before I can get a good hold on it. We did our tree on Sunday afternoon, and Emily helped me do some baking. It's so neat to watch her excitement in the kitchen... to her, Christmas Rice Krispie squares are just the best thing going. I don't think she really believes that the recipe wasn't invented yesterday. This pan of treats was made entirely by her... when I try to make them, they turn out like rocks! And the pumpkin pie..? I just made it 'cause it smells so good while it bakes!

And speaking of something not being invented yesterday... one thing I remember fondly from when I was little was my Grandma using a cookie press when she baked shortbread cookies. My shortbread recipe is for a drop type cookie, but I must have been feeling a little sentimental because I dug out my press and gave it a try. I just love how my cookies turned out... very vintage-ish and Chriatmasy and just like my Grandma's! They're even baked on her old pan!

We spent Monday night helping my parents decorate their tree... we brought pizza and homemade danish, shared a bottle of wine, and had a really nice evening. My mom hurt her leg a couple of weeks ago and will be on crutches for the holidays, and I know my dad was happy for the help (even though we left quite a mess behind!) It was wonderful to watch my girls place the fragile vintage ornaments that belonged to my grandparents on the tree. (For some reason, I CAN NOT get blogger to upload the pictures of those ornaments.) They really are beautiful - even the original boxes are keepsakes!
And now this morning I'm feeling a little draggy, even though I have a lot to do. It's December 10th, and 10 years ago was a very hard day. I had a rough time with a miscarriage, and at the same time my girlfriend from highschool gave birth to twins. I'm not sure why this is on my mind today more than usual... 10 years has brought a lot of change and growth into our family. I love that God's given me a great life with so many memories, even though they're not all good. Everything is just so small compared with eternity.
Julianna told me yesterday that she doesn't get excited for Christmas any more... I think it was something to do with her having lost the childlike excitement of it all. In some ways, she's so mature... but she's still so little. Heck, I'M still so little! I pray that NONE OF US loses that Chriatmas morning excitement. We're celebrating the birth of Christ... that's the big package under the tree. If we look at it through the eyes of a child, everything else is just the icing on top. And the memories are the sprinkles.
I must be getting older, because I'm enjoying the sprinkles almost more than enything else.


Gettysburg Homestead said...

Yummy to all your goodies. I have never tried using a press for cookies, but they sure do look awesome.

I am sorry you had to miss out on the swap too, but I really do understand why you couldn't.


Karina said...

Hi Kim,

Your photos look so delicious! It sounds like you had a nice time with your parents and I am glad for you.

I am keeping you in my thoughts today. I pray that there is a lifting of spirits for you. Take good care of yourself today, sweetie.

xoxox Karina

janie said...

Your goodies look so yummy!

I am sure the ornaments are beautiful. Nice to make memories!!

It is something about the Christmas season that brings back so many memories good and not so good in all of us. Hugs to you, Janie

Colleen/And Baby Makes Five said...

Sending you big Christmastime hugs. I hope you all feel the magic and miracles on Christmas morning, Kimberly.

In the meantime, enjoy those sweet treats...

Julie said...

Sweet post. We had the Santa Clause talk with our 10 year old this year. She kept asking over and over if he was real. Finally, we told her the person is not real, but the spirit of him certainly is. She understood but cried and cried. It is sometimes hard to watch our little ones grow up. She kept saying "I'm so sad". Broke my heart. I think she will adjust because I told her now she can be in on some of the secrets. So, we only have one kiddo left who believes. Why do they have to grow up so fast?

I am sending the folk art patterns tomorrow. I hope you get them all okay. Have a great time creating with them. They were fun to do.

Have a super day, Kimberly. Julie

WoolenSails said...

I am trying to keep the spirit of Christmas and not worry about the rest, I think that is what brings us the big let down when it is over. I am just enjoying decorating and making presents.


VeeV said...


I am so sorry about your miscarriage 10 years ago. The pain of it never goes away, and the fact that you can remember and mourn the baby (even so many years later) just makes you that much more human.

Bundles & Bushels of Hugs to you!!

Lisa @ Life with 4! said...

the cookies look delicious. how sweet that you can use your grandmother's pan and make them like she did.

I think as we get older, the excitement of the "presents" lessen but the reality of the "gift" of Jesus is more special.
I don't so much look forward to the presents under the tree as I do the season to celebrate God's love for us. And to share it with my children.

I'm sorry for the miscarriage 10 years ago. I know the pain. I lost our first baby a little over 14 years ago. Every Oct. 2nd I think of that baby and look forward to the day that I will get to meet him/her in heaven!

Have a blessed Christmas and God bless!