Tuesday, October 28, 2014

just keep sewing... just keep sewing...

Wow, it has been FOREVER since I last posted!

It has been a very busy fall for us... we've *almost* got a new driver in the house... and she'll also graduate in a few months, both girls are plugged into a great youth group and are loving it,  we had another Japanese student for a week, I participated in four back to back to back to back markets through September, and my girls and I are in full swing with preparations for our upcoming Christmas Open House! It's been good, but like I said... very busy!

I'm still selling Jamberry nail wraps and have discovered the fun of swapping with other consultants. Besides trading wrap for wrap, I've offered my handmade clutch purses and they have been a very well received! Lots of work though... but a little hand sewing on a rainy fall afternoon is never a bad thing!
These are just a few that have flown out my door over the past couple of weeks. I think there was close to double this amount in all...
I also made a pair of pretty bucket bags and am so pleased at how they turned out...
...and some patchwork dumplings... I made six in different colors, but just got this mid project picture to share...
I've now shifted to painting for a few days. I find that bouncing back and forth between that and sewing makes me more productive in general.
I will post soon with information about our Open House... we missed out on it last year and are SO excited to be back on schedule with one of our family's favorite traditions!
Have a great day everyone... it's good to be back in blogland!

(and the bag patterns that I used for everything shown come from the vary talented Michelle Patterns)

Monday, September 15, 2014

country celebrations...

For years, I've been a participant in Campbell Valley's Country Celebrations in beautiful Langley, BC. This year I hadn't planned on being a vendor, but at the last minute, a spot opened up for me.
The weather was beyond amazing. September, you really do dazzle me every year. This was the field in the early morning, with dozens of huge tents already packed with creations and goodies...
My booth was a split adventure, with half dedicated to My Brown Bag Studio, and half to my Jamberry business...

Talking and visiting with customers was a lot of fun, and I was happy to see some favorite creations head off to new homes. Thank you ALL for stopping by to say hello and for shopping with me!

Now the planning and preparing really begins for me... I've officially set the dates for my annual Christmas Open House to be November 28th & 29th... I'll keep you posted!

Sunday, September 7, 2014

feeling fallish...

September is my favorite month.

I love the late summer feeling, with hot and sunny afternoons, and a cool breeze coming in the windows at night.

I celebrated my birthday on September second, the day my girls headed back to school. It was bittersweet...Emily is now in grade 12...
...and Julianna, grade 10.
I'm excited for them to see what the year will bring, but I can't help wondering how they got so old? And so TALL?
And then there's me... that birthday, remember?
At least it brought some lovely coffee dates, complete with pumpkin everything from Starbucks. Maybe birthdays aren't so bad after all!
I've started to feel the nudge to get back into a sewing routine, especially since I'm starting to plan my annual Christmas open house.
I have lots of this and that started.
It's always overwhelming, but I'll make it, I'm sure.
I always seem to.
I'm accepting prayers on the matter though, just in case.